Thursday, 6 October 2016

Structuring Your Essays

Although there is no hard and fast way to structure your essays, it always helps to keep in mind certain elements of the text you should discuss, so that you are able to present a deep and well thought out analysis of the same.

While writing an essay make sure you cater to the:
  • Themes
  • Style
  • Language and techniques (or literary devices)
  • Structure
  • Mood
Moreover, you will also be expected to back up your analysis with evidences. Hence, you must integrate your quotes into the essay. You will gain more clarity on how to do this once you start reading the essays. 

One effective strategy that many use to structure their texts is P.E.E, which essentially stands for Point, Evidence and Explanation. So make a point, integrate a quote, which is your evidence, and then, explain it further. Always remember to write about the significance or effect a certain line has, don't simply state. Also, be wary of the 'trap of summary'- don't summarise the text; analyse it.

Try picking out various literary devices, and explain the effect they have; again, don't simply state them. Also, in terms of structure, try to pick out the rhyme scheme or meter, for different rhyme schemes have different effects.

You can refer to this website as a useful resource

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